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Yanagi --- Sashimi knife.  Beveled blade. This long, slender-bladed knife is used for slicing boned fish fillet and making decorative garnishes. Comes in various sizes.
Deba --- Beveled blade. Used mainly for the basic cutting of fish, shellfish and meat. Comes in various sizes.
Gyuto --- Double side blade. The blade and handle blend in, able to hold impact.  An all-purpose knife
Honenuki (Tweezers) --- Tweezers are used for pulling inside bone from the fish.  In order to retain the shape of the fish meat, pull the bone parallel.
Morihashi --- The kitchen chopsticks are for cooking and dishing beside from wooden or synthetic chopsticks used for meal. The heat resistant metal chopstick is used for frying food. The water repellent and good quality bamboo chopstick which does not damage the food is used for dishing.
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