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Washoku of California Cuisine Course

Learning Washoku (Authentic Japanese cuisine)

from Beginner to Advanced

For 2 weeks

California Cuisine

Washoku of California Cuisine Course is a valuable 2-week class for learning special menus in Japanese-California cuisine. This course focuses on the professional technique and knowledge for Washoku (Authentic Japanese cuisine), California cuisine, popular Japanese dishes, modern rolls, fusion dishes.  Handling & cutting seasonal ingredients of Washoku are one of the major topics in this course. 


  • Dashi

  • Rice

  • Soup

  • Sunomono

  • Japanese knives

  • Cooking tools

  • Cutting technique

  • Sashimi

  • New style sushi

  • Yaki-mono (Grilling); Grilled Fish

  • Age-mono (Deep-frying); Tempura

  • Sauce

  • Ni-mono (Simmered dish)

  • Mushi-mono (Steaming); Chawan-Mushi

  • Noodle; Udon, Soba, Somen

  • Popular Japanese dishes

  • Japanese dishes of California cuisine

  • Daily kitchen cleaning and hygienics


Certificates will be issued to students who complete the course.


***Students are required to bring your own knives and uniform.

Knives and Tools: Yanagi, Deba, Gyuto, Morihashi, Honenuki >>> Click here for the images   

                         Option: Petite Knife, Uroko Otoshi, Bamboo mat


Uniform: Chef Coat, Chef Hat, Apron


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