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Sushi Course

Sushi Chef Training 

from Beginner to Advanced

No Experience Necessary!

For 4 weeks

Japanese Chef
Chef in a Kitchen
Kitchen Staff
Sushi Course

Sushi Course covers essential skills of preparing, presenting and serving rolled sushi, nigiri sushi and sashimi to practice the professional sushi cooking manner. The course focuses on Japanese traditional sushi and modern American sushi styles, handling & maintaining knives, highlighting seasonal seafood & vegetables and making basic Japanese sauces.


  • Sushi knives: Handling Yanagi, Usuba, Deba and sharpening them with sharpening stones

  • Sushi rice: Types of rice, selecting rice for sushi, cooking rice in varying conditions, mixing with sushi vinegar

  • Cutting different types of fresh fish and seafood

  • Nigiri sushi: Handling rice (seven steps)

  • Rolled sushi

  • Sashimi: Knife techniques, preparation, plating, presentation

  • Basic Japanese sauces and stocks

  • Japanese culinary history and culture

  • Sushi chef philosophy

  • Sushi bar performance

  • Daily kitchen cleaning and hygienics

  • Field trips to fish market


Certificates will be issued to students who complete the course.



***Students are required to bring your own knives and uniform.  

Knives & Tools: Yanagi, Deba, Gyuto, Morihashi, Honenuki >>> Click here for the images

                      Option: Petite Knife, Uroko Otoshi, Bamboo mat

Uniform: Chef Coat, Chef Hat, Apron


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